Kaveh Abhari

Researcher, Educator, and Business Analyst

I am a researcher and educator standing for accessibility and excellence in innovation and education. My research is on the applications of social technologies. I contributed to several projects in the field of education, innovation, and business administration. I have a Ph.D. in Information Sciences with background in Marketing and Electrical Engineering.  


Collaborative Innovation Networks

I’m studying collaborative innovation networks, in particular, social product development (SPD) communities. My research focuses on the in-depth exploration of actor co-innovation behavior and its potential drivers related to co-innovation system attributes. My works have covered the key research and design questions such as how SPD network can be modeled, how co-innovation behavior can be operationalized, what motivational, risk and experiential factors affect behavioral intention to co-innovate, how co-innovation platform affordances can be measured, and what role platform affordances play in driving co-innovation behavior and outcomes. I develop different analytical models to address these research questions.


Collaborative Learning Networks

I’m exploring how connectivism can be implemented to improve self-directed learning behavior and outcomes in collaborative learning networks. I’ve studied concepts such as connectivity, autonomy, diversity, and resource openness in social and professional networks, and developed social learning platforms to implement and test these concepts. My current federally-funded research grant is the development, implementation, and evaluation of a learning platform for diverse learners in Hawaii. STEMD2 Learning Platform is a collaborative learning network aims at advancing knowledge and transforming practice to broadening participation of diverse learners in STEM degrees.

Customer Virtual Networks

I’m conducting research on customer experience and experience intelligence in online environments including customer virtual networks. I’m interested in the modeling and management of customer experience at the strategic, operational and individual levels . For example, I studied the design and performance of customer systems such as Customer Relationship Management and Customer Experience Management and their relationships with other strategic systems such as employee experience management, innovation management, and marketing intelligence. My current project is the development of an audit program for social marketing systems.


ITM387K: Introduction to Business Intelligence Fall 2016 Results (new)

ITM660: Business intelligence and Data Analytics for MBA Summer 2016 Results

ITM354: Databases and Data Warehouses Summer 2016 Results

ITM387K: Introduction to Business Intelligence Spring 2016 Results

ITM387H: Enterprise Systems & Business Applications Fall 2015 Results

ITM660: Business intelligence and Analytics for MBA Summer 2015 Results

BUS311: Information Systems for Global Business Environment Spring 2015 Results

Professional Services & Consultancy

  • BI System Design

    BI strategy & roadmap development, BI competency center design and BI architecture development.

  • BI System Implementation

    Market & customer analytics, operation & performance analytics, and HR intelligence.

  • BI System Assessment

    BI need assessment, BI system audit and gap analysis and BI system result evaluation.


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