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MIS 455 | Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Kaveh Abhari, Ph.D. | MIS Department

Fowler College of Business


This course will help you understand why digital technologies are at the forefront of innovation and give you familiarity with key characteristics of online and digital entrepreneurship. You will also learn how to navigate career choices in light of new emerging digital tools that undermine traditional jobs. This course is part of the BS Degree in Business Administration program preparing you to be a creative problem-solver, effective communicator, critical thinker, and team player. By the end of this class, you will be more knowledgeable in business essentials, and more sensitive to cultural, social, ethical, and global business challenges.

Course modules cover the changing nature of careers as a result of disruption, how to look for and create new products and innovation using the internet and digital technologies, how the internet impacts entrepreneurial competition including network effects and platform technologies, using the internet to find resources and team members to build a business, plus the role of growth and scaling. You will learn through a mix of useful assessment, strategy and theory, designed to help you become a digital entrepreneur utilizing rapidly changing technology. You will work in teams to create a new IT-driven business concept and refine it through user analysis and prototyping. To get to a commercially feasible concept, you will analyze the competitive landscape and the ecosystem in which their concept will reside. You will express their concepts using the Business Model Canvas to identify the value proposition and potential monetization strategies. Throughout the class, you will be introduced to tools in the IS Management and IT design through hands-on problem solving among other techniques.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

Analytical Literacy

Analyze the process of digital innovation and industry disruption


Determine the elements of digital innovation and entrepreneurship

Critical Thinking

Articulate the nature of digital value creation and R&D

Knowledge of Digital Innovation

Formulate strategies for new digital business development, commercialization and launch


Plan and document different IT-driven business models;


From Ideation to Innovation
  • Digital Innovation: New Opportunities and Challenges

  • Choosing and Conceptualizing a Digital Business Idea

  • From Digital Innovation to Digital Entrepreneurship

Design & Rapid Prototyping
  • Prototyping: Introduction to Design Science 

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Digital Prototype: Functions and Features

  • Digital Prototype: Look and Feel

  • Digital Prototype: Content

  • Digital Prototype: Test and Improvement
  • Digital Product Deployment

  • Creating and Tracking Business Goals in Online Environment

  • Innovation Intelligence and Analytics

  • User Interface and Customer Experience Assessment

  • Digital Business Experimentation & Improvement

Commercialization and Launch
  • Financing Digital Innovation

  • Customer Acquisition in Digital World

  • Launching a New Digital Business Venture

STRUCTURE & Evaluation

This course introduces you to digital innovation and entrepreneurship concepts as well as new technologies and tools driving digital innovation. The course will also help you to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skills by requiring you to ideate for new market opportunities. This will be a very hands-on and active class that relies on approaches such as problem-based learning, open learning, and learning by doing. You will spend time inside and outside the class applying the concepts. Your evaluation will be based on two individual reports, four group reports, three presentations, and peer evaluation. Course evaluation will be based on the following activities.

Course Activities*


Report I: Ideation Report (500 words) | Due: The 3rd week of the semester.

Analyze an existing IT-driven Business Model/Enterprise and ideate on improvement

Individual (15%)

Report II: Opportunity Analysis Report (500 words) | Due: The 5th week of the semester.

Need analysis and market evaluation for the idea proposed in Report I

Individual (15%)

Presentation I: Ideation Presentation | Due: The 5th week of the semester.

Present and defend Report I and II, peer evaluation I, and Group formation

Individual (10%)

Report III: Innovation Design/Prototyping (900 words) | Due: The 7th week of the semester.

Work in a team of 3 on one of the ideas proposed in Report I and analyzed in Report II

Group 10%

Report IV: Innovation Assessment (900 words) | Due: The 9th week of the semester.

Report on how to assess the innovation conceptualized in Report III

Group 10%

Presentation II: Assessment Presentation | Due: The 9th week of the semester.

Present and defend Report III and IV and Peer evaluation II

Group (10%)

Report V: Innovation Commercialization (900 words) | Due: The 12th week of the semester.

Report on commercialization plan and financial projections

Group 10%

Report VI: Innovation Launch Planning | Due: The 14th week of the semester.

Creating a plan for launching new business and financing based on Reports I-V

Group 10%

Presentation III: Final Presentation | Due: Last week of the semester.

Final presentation and submit the refined version of all reports

Group 10%

* Detail instruction will be provided on Canvas


Please feel free to contact me if you are having any questions, or difficulty with the course assignments, class projects, feel overwhelmed, or if instructions are unclear. I welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions on the course content and instruction.

Office: SSE3200 | email: kabhari@sdsu.eduPhone: 619 594-0746