“PerFit: Finding the PerFit Match for You

Are you tired of purchasing clothes online, only to find they don’t fit right and you need to return them? PerFit is a device that helps mitigate costs associated with online retail returns. Our device will benefit consumers and retailers that participate in retail e-commerce and will alleviate the difficulties associated with returns. Our solution is unique because it is an in-home device that can take accurate measurements which will assist the consumer in purchasing clothing that fits, thereby minimizing the chance of return. We have designed an IR Scanning device via cell phone app to take body measurements which uses IoT integration software for the program, to connect consumers with online clothing retailers.

Rebecca Lord
Bria Nayfack
Abdurahman Mohamed
Anthony Debski
Hallie Roberts

Captech: All Encompassing Revolutionary Tech

Isn’t our main desire convenience in this world? We created a device – smart cap – that does everything you expect from a water consumption device. Our device both tracks and filters water consumption and generate real-time report for both end-users and water service authorities.

Andrew Garcia
Thomas Mansoor
Sarmad Bahjat
Aniqa Chowdhury
Ali Sufi

Urgent: An efficient, life-saving medical alert system

How many mobile calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. per year? An estimated 192 million calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. each year from wireless devices. The current 9-1-1 operating system is not fully compatible with cellphone users, has inefficient response times and does not detect emergencies efficiently. These problems can result in severe harm and even death for mobile callers. Our solution is differentiated through the integration of innovative sensor technology that aggregates data to detect emergencies, emergency contact notification, and non-restrictive location tracking.

Ruoyu Chen
Matthew Alamo
Camelia Ryane
Ivan Lorona
Caitlin Bame

V-System “Caring for those who care for others”

The healthcare industry is constantly in need of volunteers, and volunteers are always looking for new opportunities. So we’ve bridged the gap making it easier for everyone. We are targeting health care organizations and volunteers who are looking for simpler recruiting, and want a streamlined process of finding matches that meet their needs. We make it easy for volunteers to find health care organizations through a mobile application, while offering lower prices, and utilize IoT technology. The V-System runs primarily on a mobile application with the option of logging in online and the organization uses IoT through the V-Button, which is used when an organization seeks a volunteer match.

Jiawei Li
Son Tran
Aaron Coutumas
Krystal Maya Gonzalez
Brooke Zaferis

LinkUp Connect – Share – Grow

What if I told you there was a quick, easy way to find new friends with similar interest at the palm of your hand. We’re the new, hip mobile app LinkUp and we’re a social networking application that aims to connect like minded students and tackle issues such as mental health and social anxiety that students frequently face throughout their college career.

Jakub Tuszewicki
Kimberly Chun
Jorge Becerra
Pocky Kohsuwan
Savanah Hanna

InfraSponse Infrastructure Quick Response

Have you ever felt mad or stressed because of an Infrastructure issue? InfraSponse will allow you to report public infrastructure issues with the click of a few buttons. We will use AI, IOT, and GPS location to pinpoint the location of damage and directly connect your location to your infrastructure report with the click of a button.

Jakub Tuszewicki
Kimberly Chun
Jorge Becerra
Pocky Kohsuwan
Savanah Hanna

MAGJK Calendar

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all of the various events and tasks in your life? MAGJK Calendar can help you bring order and organization to your busy lifestyle. The MAGJK Calendar not only stores all your deadlines and important dates, but also provides suggestions on how you can plan the tasks for both business professionals and students. We have designed a mobile app that is able to integrate users schedules into the MAGJK calendar system where the AI can produce recommendations that will eliminate schedule conflict and create better efficiency in the users production.

Angel Brito
Jonathan Babayev
Melissa Chow
George Le
Kun Jiang

Transforming Assisted Living: AI-enabled assistant

Has anybody ever had to take care of somebody? Taking care of someone is not easy. Our product is aimed toward nursing homes, in order to improve workflow and patient comfort. Our program offers ease of use by using voice recognition software and a user interface designed specifically for the elderly. The software can even be communicated with in multiple languages! We plan to use Android tablets, paired with Amazon-enabled devices at these homes and integrating with their database systems.

Marco Ferrari
Ehsanullah Ahmadi
Vivian Gomez
Estee Howsare

ParQuick – customer parking aid

Have you ever been in a rush and wish you knew where there were available parking spots in advanced? Parquick plans on solving the never ending search for parking, reduction of traffic and added safety on campus and or other structures. We are using a mobile application and smart devices that allows users to access live feed straight from their phones on available parking spaces, closed structures, and events so they can get to their destinations with ease.

Hali Kunsek
Taylor Parker
Anna Manansala
Hunter Weinstein
Nick Lucy

Locus: to save more lives

How can we increase survival rates for a natural disaster? We have created a solution to locating disaster victims when they are not able to be tracked due to the loss of cellular and satellite communication. First responders and concerned family members are our customers because a disaster victim’s survival depends on how quickly they are able to be located. Our application will use a machine learning algorithm that will track movement and give first responders and concerned family members a predicted location.

Kotae Huffaker
Raymond Pang
Christine Mcconnell
Cain Piho

Park Simply: effectively parking you on time

About 85% of SDSU students live off campus and must commute to class. Finding parking at SDSU and universities across the nation can be tedious and frustrating; we want to eliminate this daily hassle from commuters lives. Our solution smartly parks you and your car in a destination you regularly attend, while other systems simply find you open public parking spots around a city. Using a combination of AWS DeepLens to view cars entering and leaving parking structures and a mobile app, for the user to interact with, to make parking easier.

Justin Bittar
Zachary Peterson
Joshua Nelms
Tanner Spence
Arad Yaron

Modify Shared Spaces: Comfort for All

What makes an environment comfortable for you? Improving productivity in the workplace through lighting and temperature adjustments within the workplace. Ideal clients would be businesses who not only want to reduce labor costs, but provide comfort to their employees. We have designed an application and product that allows users to work together to create the ideal working environment.

Catharina Ji
Chanvibol Loek
Brian Koenig
Desiree Hernandez
Jay Raschke

RoomEase – off campus, made easy!

Did you know nearly 8 million students will look for a roommate or off campus housing this fall? RoomEase is here to make to take the hassle and sketchiness out of roommate and off campus housing selection. Our ideal client is a landlord searching for an easy way to keep their properties rented around college campuses. RoomEase’s ease of use, ranked recommendations, unique noise sensor and roommate activity tracker attribute to its superior quality when compared to its nearest competitors.

Peter-Joseph Quinto
Tuan Tai Le
Josefina Lopez
Hannah Mckay
Madison Immoos

Spectacle, Be There, From Anywhere

Do you ever feel hindered to see your favorite band live because of transportation, long lines and high costs? If so, we have the solution for you. Spectacle provides you with an immersive live concert experience in the comfort of your own home through the use of Virtual Reality. Our unique Virtual Reality experience features 360 views from multiple viewpoints of the concert venue. Through our innovative streaming service and easy to use app, we have created a seamless and fun Virtual Reality experience that will bring you closer to your favorite performers.

Moa Viebke
Ryan Kawano
Kevin Barrera
Luciano Di Meglio
Tony Ayon

Smart Health

What bother us every time we have to take a trip to hospital? Long-line waiting while filling the same form over and over again, Poor communicating with doctors and forget important reminds, Invested a lot of time and money then received an unsatisfied service. Smart Health wants to deliver healthcare to your hands. With a smart-bracelet!

Nathan Ascue
Matthew Alexander Benjamin
Aislinn Rooney
Tyler Sullivan
Hiep Tran