The project our group decided to pursue is the development of an app that allows users to see the live waiting times at their favorite businesses. Most consumers have time constraints and cannot afford to spend time in long lines. Many businesses have turned to mobile ordering to help alleviate this problem, but lines still persist. This app is intended to provide consumers with the most accurate real-time information on business traffic in order to make better everyday decisions. This app will use mobile user based location services to track individuals who enter a business or drive thru, in order to collect data on how long order fulfillment takes. By dynamically collecting data and comparing it to historical data, artificial intelligence and learning algorithms can be used to predict current or future wait times. According to, current cellular GPS technology has an accuracy of about 16 feet which is not accurate enough to determine if a user is in line at a business. Fortunately, Broadcom, a semiconductor manufacturer, has developed GPS chips with a tested accuracy of up to 11 inches. These new chips should be available in the next generation of smartphones. Our team hopes to develop this system ahead of the launch of these new chips, in order to get ahead of this new market segment.