Because of the increased concern regarding the school safety, especially the awareness of gun control, meanwhile the scare of the influenza epidemic, We, as a team, create this project’s blueprint which intends to implement a system to monitor the daily lives of students, to increase the overall quality of student’s school experiences, improve school safety. Identify and alert potential problem from the very beginning, to prevent the worst scenario from happening. Our project focuses on the unified high school and university regarding the raised awareness of safety. Our project includes logical structures for the AI system which is built and organized by our team members, the physical requirements, as well as accommodation database which builds the connection between students, families, outside entities in emergency situations. Our solution will be set up to the certain amount of cameras to monitor students and get daily basic information and images analyzed and process for the protection of potential dangers activities from happening. And in case of suspicious activities detected, our system will generate alerts through messages, alarms, to school officials, student/ families and other entities regarding the unpredictable events, and manage and minimize the dangerous situation, through lockdown the system by lockdown certain gate, through voice guidance to prevent the danger from further developing. “Early detection, early prevention, early assistance” is our main goal. By implementing this system, schools can provide a much safer place for overall physical and mental well-being of high school to university students. School prioritize the needs of their students, families, and society, evaluate and detect safety threats make immediate alert and assist direct action regarding suspicious activities.