SafetyMining was founded by five team members with one thought in mind; to make driving safer and more efficient. This is how the idea of creating the Driving Analytic Software was born. The idea is that it would collect the driving data and use an algorithm to calculate facts, such as risks and efficiencies, of vehicles and their drivers. During a target analysis, a need for the application was found within small delivery businesses that have fleets consisting of twenty to eighty of medium to large size delivery vehicles. These small businesses would benefit from implementing a driving analysis program, but they not able to afford a team of scientist, like UPS have, to analyze their driving data records. Thus, DAS is an affordable option that would allow them to obtain vehicles and drivers report through it. Thus, Datamining saw the need for an affordable system to collect data, analyze it and optimize it for these companies. Without a reliable system in place, companies would have to rely on employees’ best efforts to gather information that runs the risk of being inaccurate or incomplete to make company decisions.Young Adam General Business Open-minded, Creative Indifference Frontend Analyst

Adam Young: Frontend Analyst

Camille Sazon: Implementation Analyst

Patricia Santiago: Project Analyst 

David Chun: Business Analyst

Gabriella De Guzman: Backend Analyst