The scope of our project is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Marketing Department of one of our favorite craft beer brands, Lagunitas Brewing. We aim to develop the schematics of a mobile application that can link itself to multiple mobile applications that the user already possesses such as location services, social media applications, and personal shopping applications in which the user predominantly visits. This link will allow Lagunitas Brewing’s Marketing Department the ability to monitor a significant concept in product marketing which is consumer behavior. Through augmented intelligence, our mobile application will produce the ability to monitor the bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that a user may frequently visit. As it performs this task, the mobile application will simultaneously monitor trends in the user’s purchasing habits and what stores they choose to visit most often. With this collected data, the task of creating product promotions in locations that will produce a maximum success output will become crucially more effective than the methods utilized in the past.  The ultimate goal of this mobile application is to assist the Lagunitas Brewing Marketing Department in minimizing costs and maximizing profits for the company, while also establishing a constant brand awareness each and every time an individual using the application from their target market operates their mobile device.