Create a feature that will help customers find the right section in the IKEA store more efficiently. First, we will map out the IKEA store to a given number of areas and/or sections. After we map out the IKEA San Diego store and select an indoor positioning system, this will allow us to locate customers inside the store. We suggest using Wi-Fi Access Points and ask customers to connect to IKEA Wi-Fi if they want directions to their desired section or area. For better indoor location system, we will also add Bluetooth technology to get better location accuracy. It is also a possibility to use the built-in smartphone compass to compute instantaneous customer heading/direction for better instructions to get the customer to the right area. Our IKEA GUIDE will also give customers recommendations when they are routed to pick up their products. This will benefit IKEA sales and make the employees’ job task a little easier. The new IKEA navigation feature will be integrated into the IKEA application; furthermore, we can provide a feature through the IKEA application to launch it.