Our project is to promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living habits for users of all demographics through our mobile application. Our mobile application will allow users to create recipes that provide a list of healthy ingredients/products to choose from. More specifically, the user will create a shopping profile by entering in specific information about themselves, such as what store they typically shop at, brand preferences, allergies, and relevant health conditions like high blood pressure. When the user is ready to shop, they simply launch the application, select their store location and enter in the desired meals they would like to make. Our algorithm will match up their inputs and generate a list of healthy, best-selling ingredients for those recipes. The algorithm will account for their allergies and health conditions to make appropriate suggestions by filtering out foods that could negatively impact them. In addition, we will partner with grocery stores so they can provide us a weekly inventory list. This way, if an item is out of stock, we are able to generate a second option for the customer. We are creating this system because of the rising health concerns in the United States. The application will improve the consumer’s process of buying groceries by being unique in its ability to recommend a list of food products that provide nutritional value based on the consumers’ tastes, health history and goals.