Around 33,778 students attend San Diego State University (SDSU), in addition to over thousands of faculty members, all of who have a need for increased safety on campus and in parking lots. There aren’t substantial security cameras, or enough police officers to effectively monitor the parking lots for suspicious incidents such as hit-and- runs, thefts, and other crimes. The goal of our project is to engage campus police with artificially intelligent drone partners, to increase the size of the area and how much time is spent patrolling the campus and parking lots. Drones provide an ideal solution to problems and limitations faced by SDSU, when using traditional surveillance methods. These drones have great potential to enhance the services already provided to students and faculty, by increasing the overall safety and efficiency of the security system. Safety is the top priority and objective. Increased security would result in less crime, and overall making students feel better and more safe about parking at SDSU. SDSU would benefit from drones by having increased security, and as a result would have lower job costs for the UPD and higher confidence levels in safety and security among students and faculty.