The project we are currently working on is addressing the social issue of education. Our main purpose is to address the problem of lack of access to tutoring at the university campus. We wanted to create a mobile app that is very similar to the operation of Uber where you get matched with a tutor that fits your academic needs instantly. Students who need tutor(s) depending on their concerns (e.g. want to get a good score for an exam, want to improve the overall grade, etc) will get matched with a prospective tutor who matches the student’s need. The tutor will be differentiated depending on their background and experiences. Our app, Pupil aims to help students who need help with their academics from basic 100 level classes to grad classes. The students will have a lot of options of choosing tutor(s) based on their academic goal(s). Our theme AI plays a crucial role as it has to match the tutors with the student’s needs regarding what subject students would like to be tutored on.