Course Syllabus

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for MBA

The tentative course plan is as follows. For more details, please visit the class scehdule. I reserve the right to make changes in the schedule, as appropriate, based on the specific course situation, student feedback, and class level.  Any changes will be announced in the class and posted on the Google Classroom page.

Course Schedule


  • Introduction to the Business Analytics
  • Introduction to the course structure and plan

Business Intelligence & Visual Analytics

  • Watson Analytics (IBM)
  • Visual Analytics (Tableau)
  • Business Dashboard Development (Tableau)
  • Power BI Designer and MS Power BI Online
  • Power BI in Excel (PowerQuery, PowerPivot, PowerView & PowerMap)


Web Analytics

  • Web analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Sentiment Analysis (Semantria)
  • Socail Analaytics (RapidMiner)

Predictive Analytics

  • Forecasting (XLMiner)
  • Data Mining: Clustering (XLMiner)
  • Data Mining: Classification (XLMiner)
  • Data Mining (RapidMiner)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation (Analytic Solver)


Diagnostic Analytics

  • Process Mining using Disco

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Optimization using Analytic Solver
  • Liner Programming using Analytic Solver
  • Integer Optimization using Analytic Solver
  • Decision Analysis using Analytic Solver


Advanced Analytics

  • Big Data Analytics


Open Lab

The greatest moments are those when you see the result pop up in a graph or in your statistics analysis – that moment you realise you know something no one else does and you get the pleasure of thinking about how to tell them.

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