Lab Activities & Evaluation

Introduction to Business Intelligence and Analytics

Attainment of these objectives will be assessed by successful completion of:

  • Actively participate in lab activities and complete 17 lab assignments in class and upload the file in 7 days after the class (85%)
  • Submission of three reports on the selected lab activities/assignments (15%)
  • A group project on a real world application of BI (10% Extra Credit)


Learning Objective



Lab Assignment I: Business Dashboard by Tableau

Lab Assignment II: Business Dashboard by Power BI Designer

Lab Assignment III: Business Dashboard by Power BI in Excel


Report on Lab Assignment I (due on 10/1/2016)

Lab Assignment IV: Descriptive Analytics by Power BI in Excel

Lab Assignment V: Sentiment Analysis

Lab Assignment VI: Web Analytics

Lab Assignment VII: Process Mining


Lab Assignment VIII: Linear & Nonlinear Regression

Lab Assignment IX: Forecasting Techniques

Lab Assignment X: Data Mining: Clustering

Lab Assignment XI: Data Mining: Classification

Lab Assignment XII: Data Mining with RapidMiner

Lab Assignment XIII: Spreadsheet Modeling

Lab Assignment XIV: Monte Carlo Simulation

Report on Lab Assignment XIV (due on 12/1/2016)


Lab Assignment XV: Linear Optimization

Lab Assignment XVI: Integer Optimization

Lab Assignment XVII: Decision Analysis

Report on Lab Assignment XVI (due on 12/14/2016)

COLLABORATION (10% Extra Credit)

Group Project: A case study of a real-world application of BI


Note: For some assignments, Mac users need to install Windows using Boot Camp – MS Windows product key will be provided in class.



The lab assignments are designed to give you firsthand experience with the basic and intermediate skills for using popular business analytics tools. You will complete the lab assignments in class and upload the final files to ITM387K Google Classroom (class code is cjomfo). In addition, you will be asked to write three reports on the three assignments and submit to ITM387K Google Classroom. Please note that failure to submit the following reports would negatively affect your grades from the lab assignments.

  • Assignment III (5%): Data Visualization & Dashboard Development by Tableau; Case: Coffee Chain
  • Assignment XIV (5%): Simulation Project by Solver, Case: Performance Lawn Equipment (PLE)
  • Assignment XVI (5%): Optimal Strategy Discovery Project, by Solver Case: PLE

Note: The instruction to install the required software and to download the data-sets will be provided on Laulima and ITM387K Google Classroom.



You can submit a 2000-word business case on real world application of business intelligence/analytics. You need to choose a local business in Hawaii and identify an area of improvement with that business. Then you need to develop a BI/BA strategy, choose at least a BI/BA tool and explain how your strategy can contribute to the success of that business in terms of improving customer experience. You will be graded on how reasonable your solution is. This group project is to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills toward BI/BA application in business environment. The report can have five sections: (1) Business Introduction and Problem identification, (2) Potential Solution, (3) Strategy Specification, (4) Implementation Plan and (5) Expected Outcomes. You will receive 10% extra credit if you present your case in the class. The work will be carried out in small project groups (3 students per group is recommended) in such a way that each individual’s work can be identified and assessed. Each member will be responsible to work on and present a key part of project. You will be graded on how complete and feasible your finished project is. Detailed instruction will be provided in the class.