Class Rules: Please respect your classmates by refraining from any disruptive behavior during class. Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to: text messaging, talking on a cell phone, the use of computers unrelated to the class, side conversations, arriving after class starts or leaving before class ends, disruptive comments during lectures, and any non-class related activity. You are allowed to use laptops and other personal electronic devices during class but all cellphones must be turned off before class. If you must leave class early, please notify me before class begins and sit next to the door. Please respect your fellow classmates by following these rules.


Class Attendance: Regular attendance is expected. If you have a serious situation that requires your absence, be sure to provide documentation or inform me in advance. If you are on an athletic team and may miss some sessions, please provide me with a letter no later than the end of the first full week of class so we can communicate about assignments and other course content. It is your responsibility to look ahead on the syllabus and deal with any conflicts prior to the conflicting event. If you will be absent from class for a religious observance, please notify me of any scheduling conflicts by the end of the first full week of class. In all cases, students who must miss class will be responsible for completing all assigned work but I am available to help.


Class Participation: The majority of the lecture class will be devoted to discussions. The class will proceed in a case review format, with as little lecturing as possible. You are expected to participate in class discussions. You are free to ask questions and debate the topics at hand. There are no wrong questions, and you are strongly encouraged to participate even if you found the subject difficult or problematic. The participation grade evaluation will be based on the quantity and quality of comments and questions and demonstration of knowledge of the course material. Attendance per se will not be evaluated, but if you are not in class you cannot participate. We will also break into active learning sessions several times throughout the semester to apply the skills you are acquiring to the study of enterprise systems application in business. Your enthusiasm and attention in these sessions directly impacts your participation score. In addition, you will each have an opportunity to lead a discussion in class. Keep in mind that leading a discussion does not mean that you are required to understand everything in the textbook. Creativity is welcomed, but the ultimate goal is effectively enhancing the learning environment.


Communication: Please feel free to contact me as soon as possible if you are having any difficulty with the course assignments, class projects, feel overwhelmed, or if instructions are unclear. You are welcome to ask your question via email. To do so, please use a clear subject line, provide context, and use full name. Please do not ask questions via email that will require a long response. Do use office hours for any questions that require extensive feedback or a back-and-forth conversation. If you are worried about your grade at any time during the semester, I strongly encourage you to meet with me.  Do not wait until the last week of class to discuss your grade, as it will be too late to work on improving your grade.


Academic Integrity: The integrity of a university depends upon academic honesty, which consists of independent learning and research. Academic dishonesty includes cheating and plagiarism may result in suspension or expulsion from UH Manoa. All students are expected to abide by the rules of conduct outlined in the UH Student Conduct Code. Violation of the academic honesty portion of this Code will automatically result in a course grade of ‘F’. The complete Code can be viewed at the following site: http://www.manoa.hawaii.edu/students/conduct/


Students with Special Needs: The University of Hawaii at Manoa provides upon request appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with special needs. If you have specific physical, psychiatric, or learning difficulties and require accommodations, please notify me by the end of the first full week of class. I will provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with special needs with the equitable opportunity to excel academically.