Attainment of the course objectives will be assessed by successful completion of:

  • Three open-book online quizzes
  • Three mini case studies
  • Four lab assignments
  • A group project (a real world application of an enterprise software)

SLOs   Tasks   %   Notes   Deadline
KNOWLEDGE   Quizzes 15% Three equally weighted online multiple-choice 10-question test (5% of total grade each). Quizzes can only be taken once but there is no time limit.  




CRITICAL THINKING   Mini Case Studies  15% 3 End-of-chapter Cases: 200-word answer to three textbook cases of your choice from the textbook (5% each)  




COMPUTING, AND DESIGN   Lab Assignments 40% Four-module ERP system development: Sales, Marketing, Purchase, and Warehouse (each 10%). You’ll complete these assignments in the lab.   12-09-15
PROBLEM SOLVING, AND TEAMWORK   Group Project 20% 2000-word case study of a real world application of enterprise software integration: 5-Part Report (15%) and 15 minutes class presentation (5%).Up to %5 extra credit for top projects   12-09-15
COMMUNICATION   Participation  10% Participation in weekly class and online discussion.Note: It is not your attendance (just showing up) per se that counts, but your active engagement in class.   –


A. Quizzes (3 X 5% = 15%)

15% of your grade will be based on three online quizzes taken and graded online. Exams are open book but they can only be taken once. Note that there is no time limit for completing an exam, and you can save your exam and finish it later. Quizzes are exactly 10 multiple-choice questions each.

B. MINI CASE STUDIES (3 X 5% = 15%)

You will select three cases from those presented at the end of each chapter of the textbook and will write a 200-word answer in the response to the discussion questions that provided at the end of each case. You need to pick only three cases in total.

C. LAB ASSIGNMENTS (4 X 10% = 40%)

The assignments are designed to give you first hand experience with the basic skills for customizing and using enterprise systems. You will develop an integrated fully functional e-commerce platform with different modules, including Sales, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Purchase, and Warehouse.

C.1 Sales Module and eCommerce Platform (10%)

You will complete this assignment in Lab using Odoo Site Builder & eCommerce (see, Your e-commerce platform will be a full-featured, integrated with your sales management software, and fully customizable.

C.2 Customer Relationship Management Module (10%)

You will use Odoo CRM (see, and other marketing tools to support your sales module. You will be able to get customer insights using custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance.

C.3 Warehouse Management Module (10%)

You will integrate Odoo Inventory Management (see, with your e-commerce platform for decreasing your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete traceability.

C.4 Purchase Management Module (10%)

Your will automate procurement propositions, launch requests for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers’ information, control product delivery and check suppliers’ invoices using Odoo purchase management system (see,

D. GROUP PROJECT (15% for report + 5% for class Presentation + Up to 5% Extra Credit for Top Projects)

15% of your grade will be a group project; you will submit a 2000-word business case on real world application of enterprise software. You need choose a local business in Hawaii and identify an area of improvement with that business. Then you should choose at least two ERP modules for only one vendor and explain how the integration of the modules can contribute to the success of that business in terms of improving customer experience. You will be graded on how reasonable your solution is. This assignment is to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills toward IS application in business environments. The report will have 15% with five sections: (1) Business Introduction and Problem identification, (2) Potential Solution, (3) Systems Specification, (4) Implementation Plan and (5) Expected Outcomes. You will receive 5% credit if you present your case study in the class. Up to 5% Extra credit will be given to top projects.

The work will be carried out in small project groups (3 students per group is recommended) in such a way that each individual’s work can be identified and assessed. Each member will be responsible for working on and presenting a key part of the project: development, implementation or operation. You will be graded on how complete and feasible your finished project is. Detailed instruction will be provided in the class.


Final letter grades will be assigned based on the following scale. You will receive feedback on your progress throughout the semester, but you are always welcome to inquire about your current point total.

A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
100 93-99 89-92 85-88 81-84 77-80 73-76 69-72 65-68 61-64 57-60 50-56 <50

GRADE REPORT: Your grades will be posted on Laulima.

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